Barcelona X Macao Art of Illustration

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Dont miss this Exhibition in LaPlace en Barcelona where i participate with 2 illustrations:


Exhibition Duration: July 28 – August 25th, 2017
展覽日期: 7月28日 – 8月25日


<<Barcelona X Macao Art of Illustration Exhibition>> brings together a total of 20 charming illustrators from Macau and Spain. The exhibition will take place in Barcelona Spain and Macau in August and October 2017 respectively.


Illustration is graphical representations of a real or imagined world, including an array of techniques used depict, photography to painting. It is used to convey thoughts, feelings, facts, feelings and emotions. . Its role is to attract attention, persuade, create context, inform, enhance understanding or entertain an audience.


Through this event, our goal is to create a network between a community of established and emerging artists providing them the opportunity to exchange information about new developments in their work field and to promote each other. At the same time through seminars and workshops held during the exhibitions, we hope to raise awareness of this particular art form to the general public.

It has always been YunYi’s main focus to collaborate with arts organization that is working to promote art and culture in and around Macau. Our goal is to provide local artists opportunities to expand and grow in their careers, and to share their work with the general public on a large scale. Also to that end, YunYi brings together artists from Macau with international artists from every corner of the globe, in order to promote the intellectual sharing of ideas between all cultures. We hope through this project we will be a step closer to achieving our goal.

Christine Hong Barbosa – Project Director – YunYi Arts & Cultural Communications Association

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